How the Hombre Look Saved Me!

I had been blonde for a few years now, but around January I just wanted to take a break from my high maintance and expensive hairstyleImage┬áSo I went hombre, and I have to say I am soo happy I did. Heres my new look ­čÖé

Now, I cut my salon appointment time in 1/2, cut my spending 1/2, and am growing out new baby hair!!!


Louis Vuitton Reinvents the Mod Look

Everyone knows that Fashion recycles styles from the past, and brings them back. This year Louis Vuitton did just that reaching way back into the 60’s for the famous mod look, except LV excelled reiventing it this time. I just can’t help but think that there is something so inspiring and refreshing about the way Louis Vuitton redid the mod look this year for the Spring 2013 collection. The really cool spin that LV did on the mod look was that the color was way more bright and the type of fabric they chose was sooooooo unique. With a new zesty bright yellow and cool white color palette, LV is saying they are more optimistic and innovative this year through their choice of colors. LV also used Vinyl to change the typical fabric used for it because it’s a whimsical fabric that feels like plastic, but also because it is quickly starting to become more trendy amongst Fashionistas. Now, I know this is a very fashion forward trend that many would be a little scared to wear, but would you consider trying it out? Take a look below at model┬áDaria Strokous lookin super poised and rockin it out!Image

Fashion Trend: The Pyramid Stud


Lately, I have been noticing pyramid studs everywhere I shop. Walk into a Forever 21 or Nordstrom and everything from blouses, dresses, to shoes and jewelry will be on this trend. It’s easy to spot it because these unique studs will stand out on anything with their metallic finish and unique shape that reminds you of miniature pyramids. Fashion designers used them to add contrast to a lot of different things and are usually seen in gold or silver. If you are looking for an easy way to be on trend, I would suggest to pick up a pyramid studded piece. They even come in earrings! ┬áThis little detail spices up any wardrobe, and can definitely be a chic way to update any summer look.

Beauty: What’s New Now? Oils, Oils, and More Oils

Recently I’ve been using a Progenious Oil sample that I got on a quick trip to Sephora with a friend mainly because I got it for free, but also because I had been hearing a lot of hype about the oil craze and wanted to see what it was all about. I was pleasantly surprised though that it turned out good results. It actually does make your skin glow. I have been putting it on before anything else, because I just decided to give up on my old serum… which I might had built an immunity to anyway. I had been using it for so long that my skin just got used to it and….. it plateaud. It just wasn’t giving me results anymore. So I pushed my serum aside for now, and the good thing is that this oil is doing a good job at getting my glow back. I actually look hydrated.So then, I decided to take my oil obsession even FURTHER , and also start experimenting with Pure Sesame oil from Target on my body since the ProG oil was working pretty good and I was all inspired. I want to see if this will also work to reduce my all over dryness. I’m putting it on everyday before my coco butter lotion to give my skin that extra vitamin boost. So seriously, don’t be surprised if pretty soon I end up swimming in oils. I decided I am into the oil craze. For now, oil band-wagon here I come, peace-out serums!